Renting an office in Amsterdam, 4 tips.

//kantoor huren in Amsterdam, 4 tips.

Are you about to rent an office in Amsterdam? Here's what to look out for!


//fase van je bedrijf.

Find a location that fits the stage of your business at the time or matches your (growth) ambitions. Many start-ups and scale-ups benefit from an innovative environment. Provide an appropriate environment for your team. A building in which many other functions are present - in close proximity - can help you attract staff. Consider a gym, padel courts and a restaurant.

Do you have growth ambitions? Then negotiate flexible advancement to a larger office within your lease. This avoids unnecessary negotiations at a time when your focus should be on growing your business.


//thuiswerken en samenkomen.

On average, you need 7m² per workstation. Have you thought about a home office policy? Then this will affect your office usage. In that case, it pays to rent a smaller office in a building with many common areas or a place where you can rent meeting rooms when your whole team is together or receiving clients. This makes a significant difference in your overhead costs.

Is connection with other companies in Amsterdam essential for your business? Then look for a place that hosts events for its tenants. You'll often meet like-minded people at these events. Valuable connections for the future!



A lot has happened in the energy market in recent years. Landlords generally pass service charges on to tenants on a pro rata basis. The negotiation is the opportunity to agree on a fixed rate per square meter. That way there are no surprises at the end of the year.



Last but not least, the rent. You probably already have a budget set. Search within this budget or engage a real estate agent for a search. Although in principle it might take more time it often pays off to negotiate with landlords yourself. The landlord then has more room to negotiate, after all, the real estate agent is also in between with a fee.

If the rental is offered all-in, ask for a break-down of the costs. This makes it easier to properly compare all providers.



Renting an office, especially in Amsterdam, offers a playing field of options. Going to the canals, are you okay with being indsutrial outside the ring?

Negotiate well and think about what you really use. And who knows, maybe we'll see you at B. Amsterdam.

view into 2 office spaces from a corridor