5 tips for planning the best event.

//waar let ik op bij het plannen van een event.

Do you often plan an event or is it perhaps your first time? Then read on here for 5 tips for advanced and beginners alike.

As an event location, some 1,500 events are held at B. Amsterdam each year. This varies from large to smaller events. We can now say that we have learned a thing or two and have acquired quite a few tips. No matter how big or small your event is, these 5 tips will make sure you're prepared.


//doel en doelgroep.

Why is this event being organized? And does the event location fit the goal to be achieved?

Do you want to make sure your target audience is inspired, like during a lecture? Or is it an informational trade show or an out-of-the-box conference?

Make sure visitors feel this when they enter and during the sessions. Choose a classic or very special location.

To do this, look at a location's history and ask if this can be brought up. This way people get more of a feel for a location.


//licht en geluid.

 Think of the fattest light show you've ever seen. Probably 1 or 2 come to mind.

You often don't have to make it that extreme, but with the right light and sound you create focus for your guests ánd you leave the impression you want. 

An event venue often has an in-house AV partner. For larger events, sit down with them and explain the atmosphere you want to create. They will (at good venues) creatively interpret your ideas.

event hall to rent in Amsterdam


A growing trend in event land is adding branding during events.

Event venues in Amsterdam (and large ones beyond) often have many options in "branding" your event.

For example, floor stickers, window stickers or flags can take your event from a 7 to a 9.

Try to think out-of-the-box at the venue itself and ask the event managers to help think how to get your brand in the picture during the event.

For example, is it possible to have receptionists wear a particular sweater? Or are there areas around the venue where branding can be reflected?


//food & beverage

What can make your event better? Good food and drink. For probably a large portion of your guests, one of the most important things about the event! For example, make sure your F&B is tailored to your theme and to your target audience. Build in enough time around these moments.


Is it about a bitterball or a star-studded dinner? Check with the caterer to see what best suits your event.




Finally, an activity. Of course, entirely depending on the program of your event, but when the program allows it, think about an activity in your program, to shake people up a little bit or just let them bond with each other through a sports activity or an activity that requires you to use your brain for a while.

Often seen are padel clinics, short pub quizzes and stretching exercises à la Holland in motion!



Think creatively about what happens during and around your event. Often more is possible than you think and you can make a big impact with a small portion of your budget.

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