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It's 2014. In Amsterdam's Riekerpolder, IBM's old typewriter factory has stood empty for more than 10 years. The adjacent logistics halls are then still used by PostNL as a sorting center. The building has potential, but it is a lot of square meters in a less attractive location in the city. Then an idea arises. 

Inspired by developments and innovation in real estate in America and Berlin, the concept for B. Amsterdam was born. Not the traditional way of renting offices and workplaces, but with the principles of flexibility, rapid (continued) growth and especially building a community. Its own ecosystem. From the core values of connection, authenticity, fun and dynamism.

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A community of entrepreneurs and talent. Of startups, scale-ups and corporate innovators. Of zzp-ers who enjoy collaborating with others. We guard the right mix of tenants. An environment where there is plenty of room to come together. To meet and inspire each other. Where innovation and (talent) development are important. Where different functions come together. Business, work, meeting, partying, eating and sports. A city in a building.

B. Amsterdam was one of the first coworking concepts in the Netherlands. A placemaker for the Riekerpolder as an attractive place to locate a business. The B. refers to the bee or a beehive, seen worldwide as an indicator of our ecosystem. If the bee is doing badly, our environment is doing badly. Not entirely coincidentally, the B in the logo of IBM, the original owner of the property, was also a bee. This logo was still visible on the property. The B. stands for "plan B" rather than "plan A"; doing things differently than usual. The B. can also stand for "business" or "building. We don't really care which explanation is chosen. B. Amsterdam is now a household name and often serves (also internationally) as an example of how to build a successful community. And we are proud of that.

After starting in 2014, the second building (B.2) was added to the B. concept in 2016 and the third building in 2017 (B.3). In total, B. now consists of 40,000 m2 for offices, workplaces and events and 24,000 m2 of smart city hub, where there is room for logistics parties and urban farming, for example. We call our more than 250 different tenants members, because we offer more than just a place to work. There are many lounges and common areas.

We encourage meetings by hosting community events and offering a joint community lunch. Our padel courts can be used for free by our members during the day and exercising in the gym can be done at a discount. As a new B. member, you start in your new office with a "crate of neighbors," offered by us to toast with your new neighbors. And from there we hope everyone will get to know each other and learn from each other. We're in the properties ourselves every day. We know our members. We share highs and lows together. With us, you can always walk in.

An essential part of the B. concept are the more than 1,000 events we host annually at our properties. From a meeting with a few people to large corporate parties of 700+ people. From pitches for startups to major award shows. Anything is possible. New faces in our premises every day making chance meetings possible is our goal.

At our Stach shops and restaurant Bar Bistro Bureau, we love to see local residents and anyone who loves good food. At B., everyone is welcome.

We don't rent bricks; we fill spaces with people and energy. People who innovate, who build the future. So our mission is "connecting the minds that build our future.

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B.1 B.V.

Johan Huizingalaan 763A

1066 VH Amsterdam

Chamber of Commerce number: 73 53 55 59

VAT/VAT number: EN 8595.64.538.B01

IBAN: NL 64 ABNA 0417 422 806


send to: B.1@rs-finance.com (no-reply email address, pdf only)


B.2 B.V.

John M. Keynes Square 12-46

1066 EP Amsterdam

Chamber of Commerce number: 66 20 57 27

VAT/VAT number: EN 8564.41.703.B.01

IBAN: NL 63 ABNA 0528 968 750


send to: B.2@rs-finance.com (no-reply email address, pdf only)


B.3 B.V.

Johan Huizingalaan 400,

1066 JS Amsterdam

Chamber of Commerce number: 68 02 82 29

VAT/VAT number: NL 8572.71.817.B.01

IBAN: NL32 ABNA 0245 71 78 62


send to: B.3@rs-finance.com (no-reply email address, pdf only)

B. Management

B. Management B.V.

Johan Huizingalaan 763a

1066VH Amsterdam

Chamber of Commerce: 66196094

VAT/VAT: EN 856 437 219 B01

IBAN: NL11 ABNA 0539 902 071

Send to: B.Management@rs-finance.com (no-reply email address, pdf only)

For other questions regarding invoices please send an email to finance [@] b-amsterdam.com