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Rent event space at B. Amsterdam and experience a smooth event. Each year, we host more than 1200 events at B. Each meeting should run smoothly, in a pleasant atmosphere and space with good catering and AV. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a multi-day conference with breakout rooms, a town hall session for the entire company or an off-site for your department – each event should go well. We go the extra mile to make that happen. We brainstorm with you about the best-suited space, the programming, branding, technical affairs and the food and beverages. Use our expertise so you can focus on an unforgettable event.

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Babette Ankone

Event Manager

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All rentable spaces at B. have names. Names from well-known leaders and thinkers who are all entrepreneurs. We hope their spirit is palpable in any room you rent because every event flourishes from extra inspiration. We have three buildings within walking distance so you can rent a different room every time. Our event spaces differ in size, atmosphere and the availability of natural light. Based on the type of event, group size and the season, we can find the most appropriate spaces in one of our B. buildings.

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These images give an impression of our rentable event spaces for your next conference, convention or training. View our event spaces and visit us to tour your preferred space.

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Organising a meeting is more than just booking the right space. There are lots of decisions involved that influence the success of your event. Our event managers and preferred partners have lots of experience to help you make the best choice in audiovisual assistance, catering and more. So you can focus on the contents of your event.

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Every meeting is different, and that’s why our AV-partner Seeing and Hearing will discuss your needs on audiovisual, green screen, live stream and more beforehand.

tasty, healthy and well-arranged with our caterer.

Start your event with a kickstart breakfast and continue with a light lunch. Close the day with snacks and drinks or a served dinner. It’s all possible, from coffee to cheeseboard, from cappuccino to calamari – our caterer Vermaat will compile a custom menu to delight all your attendees.

your event at B.

Many companies have organised events with us. Large events for more than 800 visitors, booking our studio to host a live stream, or renting our interview studio as the backdrop for corporate photography are all possible. Because we offer such diversity in event spaces, there are always enough rooms for breakout sessions. Smaller groups are also welcome to meet as they prefer. The advantages of your event at B.:

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