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B. is much more than a combination of workplaces and event rooms. It's a city in a building where you'll find opportunities to connect with other people everywhere. And where is it easier to connect than at Bar Bistro Bureau or on the padel court?

Start your day with a group class in the gym or on one of the 6 padel courts and end at Bar Bistro Bureau with a good glass of wine.

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B. Amsterdam Padel.

Our own padel club B. Amsterdam Padel is the perfect place to blow off some steam. We have 6 indoor padel courts and professional trainers. Book a padel court now.

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B. Gym.

Our gym offers free workouts and HIIT workouts in addition to group classes. You can work out and get fitter every day here.

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Bar Bistro Bureau.

Call it a bar. Call it a bistro. Call it your workspace. Or your living room. It's where our chef's dishes speak for themselves and where you eat at the table and drink at the bar. Or vice versa, if that's what you're in the mood for.

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At Stach you start the workday with a coffee, have lunch with colleagues and end the day with a drink in the lounge. See you soon.

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