rooftop restaurant with urban views.

bar bistro bureau.

Bar Bistro Bureau is a unique spot in Amsterdam. A restaurant and a bar on the 5th floor of B.1. with a green rooftop garden, jeu des boules courts, and views of Amsterdam. The perfect spot for your business lunch, dinner, or drinks with your team, or rent the entire place for a party or private dinner. When renting event space at B., Bar Bistro Bureau is the ideal location to end your day with lovely drinks, a delicious buffet or a spectacular party.

opening hours.

monday – friday 10:00 – 22:00
closed during weekend


Are you coming by car? Our building is located on the A4 and has ample parking at the rear. Are you coming by public transport? Louwesweg bus and tram stop is within walking distance.

point of contact.

bar bistro bureau

5de verdieping van B. Amsterdam

Johan Huizingalaan 763a
1066 VH Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 723 84 92

from business lunch to afternoon drinks to private party.

Call it a bar. Call it a restaurant. Your work spot. Or your lounge. Our chef at Bar Bistro prepares the best lunches, bites, snacks and dinners. As soon as the sun shines, the roof terrace opens, and you can sit at long tables surrounded by green, with jeu des boules courts as a nice break in between. Perfect for a break – alone, with coworkers or for your (company) party. You can rent the entire restaurant with a DJ booth and a custom menu, from snacks to dinner.


unwind at Bar Bistro Bureau.

Our rooftop restaurant is not just a popular spot for work meetings, corporate events, drinks and dinners; people from the neighbourhood come here too. People outside of Amsterdam can easily reach us. It’s the ideal location for an amazing party with views for days, but it also lends itself well to business activity. More plusses:

get more out of your day.

Our community is big, diverse and energetic. Luckily, the B. buildings offer so much more than a workplace. We are a community hub where people get and stay in touch in various ways before, during and after office hours. To work up a sweat together, hit each other off the courts or share a drink. Whenever and with whomever.

B. Amsterdam Padel.

In recent years, padel has become such a popular activity. As true ambassadors of this sport, we are well-known as the spot in Amsterdam to play padel. We have 6 covered padel courts, of which one is suitable for one-to-one. Create your own padel tournament with coworkers, find new padel buddies via the B. community app, or visit us in the evening with friends. Padel is free for members during off-peak hours, and non-community members can also book the courts.

B. Gym.

A healthy mind needs a healthy body. Maintain your physical fitness or challenge yourself. However you exercise, you’re always welcome at the Bgym. Go all-in during the HITT or on the boxing floor. Join group classes, book a PT session, or work out independently. The Bgym is open to everyone, and members get a discount.


When entering any B.building, you’ll immediately see a STACH shop—a lovely spot for a freshly made latte, a healthy snack or a tasty bite. It’s also a great place for chance encounters with other community members.