B. Amsterdam

padel B. Amsterdam.

Since 2020, B. has been driving the sport of padel in Amsterdam. 

With 6 indoor padel courts, including one 1-on-1, you can play anytime. Rain or shine.

After paddling, come borel at bar bistro bureau or get a drink and a sandwich at STACH. Will we see you soon?

point of contact.


Ruben Soerel
Padel Manager


padel courts.

Where IBM typewriters used to be produced, you can now play on 1 of our 6 padel courts. The Serena, Paquito or, for example, the Roger.

Covered and well raked, so always a good time to play! Book through Playtomic.

benefits B. Amsterdam padel.
  • parking deck with 800 spaces.
  • indoor jobs.
  • Order food and drinks to the track.
  • on-site showers and locker rooms.
padel lessons.

Learn how to hit a good bandeja from one of B. Amsterdam padel's trainers.

There are trainers with a focus on novice players, where you will learn how best to hit the balls back from the glass, as well as top 20 players in the Netherlands who can teach you the intricacies.

See what the options are below.

additional features.

padel clinic.

For companies or groups of friends. For example, in combination with an event space or drinks at bar bistro bureau.


event halls.

Combine an event with a game of padel or clinic. Teach people the first steps or host a tournament.


rooftop restaurant.

Bar Bistro Bureau is our rooftop restaurant overlooking Amsterdam. This is where you eat, party and have drinks to end the match well.

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