B. Amsterdam
smart city hub.

smart city hub
B. Amsterdam.

The B. Smart City Hub is the ideal location for last-mile solutions and storage and transshipment for e-commerce.

Because spaces are freely dividable, it is suitable for smaller storage as well as large solutions.

Combine the hub with an office at B. Amsterdam and always have your inventory at your fingertips.



Tom, manager smart city hub B. Amsterdam


Tom Verbeek

they went before you.

Heineken has been handling tank beer in the Smart City Hub since 2022. Electric, smaller, tanker trucks will be used to deliver the tank beer in the city center.

The Netherlands' best-known online supermarket has been located in the Smart City Hub since 2019 and serves most of Amsterdam from here.


The fastest-growing shop in padel rackets has grown from 0 to 200m2 of storage within the Smart City Hub to grow from there to a serviced model.

smart city hub.

The B. Smart City Hub is right next to the A4, A9 and A10 motorways, making it strategically located in relation to the city of Amsterdam. The building is accessible 24/7.

The commercial space is accessed by an elevated driveway and features overhead and wicket doors at the rear of the property. The space is flexible in its layout and the outside area provides space for plenty of parking.

  • 24,000m2 total.
  • 1,300m2 available.
  • spaces freely dividable.
  • 80 euros/m2 per year.
  • 45 euros/m2 per year service charge.
  • part of a community of 300 companies.
benefits smart city hub B. Amsterdam.
  • strategic location relative to Amsterdam.
  • directly accessible from the A4, A10 and A9 motorways.
  • spaces freely dividable.
  • 2 loading docks.
  • 24/7 access.
  • part of a community of 300 companies.
B. amsterdam offices.

With storage in the Smart City Hub and your flex space/office in B.Amsterdam, you become an instant member and part of B.Amsterdam's community of more than 300 companies! 

As a B.-member, you can also use the facilities such as a gym, padel court, meeting rooms and event spaces. 

why combine office and storage?

Efficiency, accessibility, security and space saving are the main reasons for combining office and storage.

Checking the availability of an item is made easier. You walk down and see at a glance what you can still offer. Also, you no longer have to use this space in the office; this square footage is significantly more expensive.

For security, combining is also ideal. You are aware of security and can always see what is happening on site.

B. Amsterdam and the Smart City Hub have been anticipating this combination for years. Book a tour to find out if this combination works for you, too.

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