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Ever since 2014, the B. community has been a household name in Amsterdam. Started small, as a group of entrepreneurs who mainly had lunch together and the occasional beer, this has grown into a community of 3,000+ members who come together to celebrate Christmas, play pub quizzes and share knowledge.


maaike community manager

Maaike Vissers

the faces of the B. community.
why become a B. member?
  • 25 community events per year.
  • access to the B. app with 1,500+ members.
  • free padel in off-peak hours.
  • discounts on services and products at trusted B. Amsterdam partners.
  • open lounges to work with other members.
  • discount on in-house event spaces and meeting units.
B. members.
community events.

Meet the neighbors festival.

This festival is all about connection. Find out who your neighbors are and learn from them through workshops or talks.

business run.

More than 300 B. members run 5 or 10 kilometers through the Riekerpolder. Always followed by a foodtruck festival on the square.


back to building business bbq.

Back from vacation and feel like going back to the office? Every September we get together to usher in the second half of the year!


ugly sweater christmas party.

At the end of the year, we celebrate Christmas together. Here we eat, drink and celebrate into the new year with kale and mulled wine. 

community in action.

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