B. Amsterdam
// meet the neighbors festival

so you want to get to know the B. members?

Like Deloitte, Copy Commando or Product for Product? Or a few of our other 15 members that open their doors to you?

The Meet The Neighbours Festival is meant for you to get to know the growing companies that call B. Amsterdam home. And learn from them. Every one of these companies has a story to tell and a big hairy audacious goal they are pursuing.

We start off with an intro by our CEO Tessa Bakker and a look into the future by the main speaker Ruud Veltenaar. After this, there are member talks throughout the B.1 building, ending with drinks on the second floor.

Check out which talks you're going to visit below and buy your tickets before they run out!

on this page.




// keynote speaker.

Global speaker, author and future thinker Ruud Veltenaar takes us with him on his view into the future.

As an impact investor and sustainable entrepreneur, he knows about growing companies and the impact you can have on the future of the world and humanity. In this talk, he will present us with his view into the future and talks about reconnecting with nature, each other and with ourselves.

A must-see talk where you'll walk away inspired and ready to take on the world.

// speakers.

Ruud Veltenaar
keynote speaker.

What does the world of tomorrow look like? Future thinker Ruud Veltenaar gives an insight.

Tessa Bakker
B. Amsterdam

Creating a platform for connection. How to bring together today's changemakers.

Julia Stjerna

Get a deeper understanding of the importance of diversity and be inspired to promote it in your own communities.

Duco v/d Market
Product for product

Make impact easily. How can I lower my footprint quickly?

David O'Comin

How Environmental Design is used to help unlock your buried brain performance potential.


Christian Ibink

See how conservative art traditions are broken by this young art label.

Paul Hillesum

The world needs positive 'sizzling' stories to achieve our desired future. Storytelling plays a crucial role; we'll tell you why.

Joey Moreau

Curious on how and where anyone can benefit from investing in startups?

Martijn de Vreeze
Copy Command

Getting things done with a good story and how to create them.

Tammy Parrish
Clothing Compass

Does what you wear reflect your values? You probably want to join the #wearyourvalues movement.

Ruben Soerel
B. Amsterdam Padel

Experienced trainers introduce you to the basics of padel. Warning: addictive.

Ron Felix

How to grow in a responsible way? Make sure your company is ready for the future!

Farzan Najmeddin
Insight: People & Culture

An interactive workshop, where we will explore the importance of human-first environments in the workplace

Suzanne Bakermans
Right to Play

Discover and experience how Right To Play uses the power of play to empower girls to drive change in their lives.

// timetable.

The floor is listed between parenthesis. For example. The Mark is on the second floor. 

// pratical info.

when does the festival start?

The festival starts at 15:15, walk-in is from 14:30 on the second floor of the B.1 building. Talks and workshops from B. members start at 16:30. Drinks end at 19:00.

what does a ticket get me?

With a ticket you get access to the 1 hour Ruud Veltenaar talk, 2 drinks and bites at the 'borrel' and with support of the community, talks and workshops throughout the building.

what's the deal with the QR codes?

On the30th of March, we are introducing QR codes next to every office. When scanning, you can see a video of the company, questions they answered and their website and socials. Scan a few and check out which companies call B. home!

why do I keep seeing Deloitte in the MTNF communication?

Deloitte (member in B.3) sponsored this event and helps you with questions about cyber security. Check out their talk and say Hi!


how do I arrange dinner at Bureau after the event?

When buying tickets, you can select 3 different options for dinner at Bar Bistro Bureau. This option guarantees you a reservation for the30th of March.


where does the festival take place?

You'll find everything in the B.1 building on the Johan Huizingalaan 763a. The talks of Tessa Bakker and Ruud Veltenaar take place on the second floor, the rest of the program you'll find throughout the building. Drinks take place on the second floor.


// thanks to our sponsors.

// FAQ

Where do I register/show my ticket?

You must show your ticket at the Tessa Bakker / Ruud Veltenaar talk to get access. Here you'll receive a festival wristband for the event.


Which toilets are in use on the30th of March?

You can use the toilets on the second, third and fifth floors. The others are under construction.


Can I invite people who aren't B. members?

Yes, you can. They can buy a ticket on this page.


What does Ruud Veltenaar talk about?

Ruud is a futurologist, entrepreneur and impact investor. He talks about the way the world will change in the coming decades, with a focus on tech and sustainability.



Is the event open for everyone?

Yes it is. The more, the merrier.


Can I come in later?

Rather not. People at the door will decide if it's possible to come in later at the Ruud Veltenaar talk. At the other talks and workshops it's possible, but we prefer you being on time.


Can I sit at my coworking desk on the30th of March?

Yes you can, the talks will take place in event rooms and offices throughout the B.1 building.



What is B. Amsterdam?

B. Amsterdam is a combination of a start-up and scale-up community, events location, rooftop restaurant, gym and padel courts. With over 200 offices and 32 event spaces, we fill spaces with energy and people.


Why is the festival being organized?

Because B. Amsterdam stands for connection and fun, the only logical event to be organized is a meet the neighbors/members event. There are over 300 companies with their own stories to tell, so listen carefully and shake some hands!


What kind of people can I expect to meet at the event?

Founders, start- and scale-up employees, corporate innovators, students and investors. Mostly from the B. community.




Who are the speakers?

You can expect founders, innovators, freelancers and thought leaders from the b. community.