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The coworking area at B. is where it all started. In a completely empty building, the first workspaces were created here in 2014. And still this space and the coworkers are the heart of the B. community.


Rijkje coworking community manager B. Amsterdam

Rijkje Hoiting

Cowork Community Manager

benefits at a glance.
  • parking deck with 800 spaces for tenant and guests.
  • coffee & tea included.
  • free padel in off-peak hours.
  • discounts on services and products at trusted B. Amsterdam partners.
  • 10+ community events per year.
  • discount on in-house event spaces and meeting units.
cowork spots.

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5 days a month.
90 per month

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8 days per month.
117,50 per month

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12 days a month.
145 per month

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fixed desk full-time.
255 per month
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community events.

B. community events are focused on connection, learning and well-being. Well-known, recurring events include pub quizzes, pitch competitions, Ugly Sweater Christmas Parties and Back to Building Business BBQs. This is where coworkers and other members come together.

member app.

The B. member app consists of more than 1,500 members who are open to connection. Start-up founders, corporate innovators and, for example, hard-growing scale-uppers like to have a beer, share knowledge or play padel together. And you can be a part of this.

Screenshot of the B. app

member perks.

  • free padel during the day
  • discount on the Bgym
  • discount at trusted B. partners
screenshot of B. Amsterdam's Preferred Partner Program