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grow your business from the start-up floor.

Young businesses need space to make their ambitions happen without having the high costs of a private office. We have the perfect office solution for these start-ups. You can rent a dedicated island with 2 to 6 work spots on our start-up floor. It’s the best way to collaborate and stimulate your growth on a floor surrounded by other young, inspiring enterprises.


Rijkje cowork community manager B. Amsterdam

Rijkje Hoiting

Cowork Community Manager

the base of your success.

The place where it all starts. Where growth happens, where ideas come to fruition, that is what the start-up floor can be for your business. We’ve taken care of a dedicated island for you and your team to work. The spot for collaborative teams to push through, make a difference and hit those milestones. The start-up floor is perfect when your business is not ready for office leasing costs, yet coworking is too small to fit your ambitions. The perks of working at B. Amsterdam are:

from our members.

A work environment should meet various standards and a good atmosphere doesn’t come instantly. You create that together. Meet some of our members below. Listen to the people behind Devence by Deloitte, Startupbootcamp, Braingineers, Ekomenu, Jong Ondernemen and Product for Product and why they get their best work done at B.

make every workday different. let’s play.

Each day is different and will bring its challenges. Make sure to unwind and pop out of your work bubble. We are a city in a building; just like any city, there’s enough to do. Play a match of padel, get your sweat on in the Bgym, order a healthy lunch to boost your energy or spoil yourself with a treat from the coffee bar. Whatever you choose, it’s all available at B. whenever you want.

Bar Bistro Bureau.

Call it a bar. Call it a restaurant. Your work spot. Or your lounge. Our chef at Bar Bistro prepares the best lunches, bites, snacks and dinners. Perfect for a break – alone, with coworkers or for your (company) party. Located on our roof terrace surrounded by greenery with jeu des boules courts and a DJ booth to bust a move in-between.

B. Amsterdam padel.

In recent years, padel has become such a popular activity. As true ambassadors of this sport, we are well-known as the spot in Amsterdam to play padel. We have 6 covered padel courts, of which one is suitable for one-to-one. Create your own padel tournament with coworkers, find new padel buddies via the B. community app, or visit us in the evening with friends. Padel is free for members during off-peak hours, and non-community members can also book the courts.


A healthy mind needs a healthy body. Maintain your physical fitness or challenge yourself. However you exercise, you’re always welcome at the Bgym. Go all-in during the HITT or on the boxing floor. Join group classes, book a PT session, or work out independently. The Bgym is open to everyone, and members get a discount.

STACH shops.

When entering any B.building, you’ll immediately see a STACH shop—a lovely spot for a freshly made latte, a healthy snack or a tasty bite. It’s also a great place for chance encounters with other community members.

let us show you around.

space to grow in our buildings.

B. Amsterdam has three buildings that are a stone’s throw away from each other. They are three separate buildings, simply named B.1, B.2 and B.3. Each has a unique character but always the B. spirit. B.1, B.2 and B.3 users shape our A community that values flexibility in office space because there’s always a fitting area for any business – with the option to grow into a bigger office. Moreover, each community member can work and meet in our buildings to connect with new people.

conquer the world how you like.

Besides the startup floor, your company can rent a private office. Perhaps a coworking membership is better suited. At B. Amsterdam, you can choose from various work environments that fit any phase of your business.


from 20m2 to 1,400m2, what suits your company?


will you become part of the B. community?


with over 3,000 members.

your custom-sizes private office space

Rent a private office at B. to have a working environment with your branding that fits your teams. An office to meet because digital meetings don’t suffice. To work together because it’s easier to give high-fives in real life. And to come together to ring in the weekend. At B., you can rent an office with access to extra work spots in the community area, meeting units, the Bgym, padel courts and the rooftop restaurant. Our community hub is spread out over three B. buildings, so you’ll always find an office in the size that fits your business to hit those milestones together.

choose cowork.

Coworking is ideal for independent entrepreneurs and freelancers. With a coworking membership at B., you choose to work in a stimulating environment surrounded by other professionals. A work environment where it’s easy to get in touch with other freelancers to bounce ideas off each other, to play padel with or grab a coffee. Need more privacy? We thought of everything because, on our coworking floors, you’ll always find separate spaces for calls or quiet areas to get things done.

meet and organise.

B. is one of the largest event locations in Amsterdam and the ideal place for fairs, trade shows and conferences with various break-out rooms. Smaller meetings are also welcome at B. We have meeting units of all sizes, fitting 8 to 1000 people. We can also brainstorm with you on your event programming and add sports activities in the Bgym or on the padel courts with drinks or a dinner afterwards in our rooftop restaurant Bar Bistro Bureau.

join the

Our members are working professionals from all industries. They find it important that their work environment is more than just a place from where they conquer the world. They are open to connections, to motivate each other, but also to just have fun. The B. community managers stimulate making new connections and are always open for a chat. They bring the community together, from founders and team members of start-ups and scale-ups to freelancers and corporate innovators.

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