Unfortunately, our club is closed till the 11th of May. You can book your court from 11-5 again via Playtomic.

We would appreciate if you could support us in the meantime by purchasing a voucher with us, that is valid for a booking in the future. Please go to the Playtomic page to purchase yours.

We hope to welcome you soon! Stay safe & healthy.

Book a court simple & fast with Playtomic. You can reserve a court from €12,- an hour (see pricing below). Come and play with your team or find friends via our B. Whatsapp groups or via Scala Sports (read more below).



If you have any questions, please contact us on +31 (0)20 261 47 03 or via padel@b-buildingbusiness.com.


Not a padel professional yet? We’ve got you covered.

Get in touch with one of our padel teachers below.


  • We have 6 indoor padel courts (5 double, 1 single) available, great for company competitions and for a friendly match.
  • We are affiliated with the Dutch Padel Union.
  • Our padel courts are connected to Scala, the best way to meet new players.

// opening hours

Monday until Friday 08.00AM-11.00PM

Saturday 10.00AM-10.00PM

Sunday 10.00AM-10.00PM

// parking

There is a parking lot available next to our building, navigate to the address above and follow the “parkeren bezoekers” signs. The parking fee is €2,- per hour (with a maximum of €12,-). Sustainable traveler? Awesome. We also offer ShareNow, SIXT Share and Felyx parking spots.

// public transport

Read more here on how to get to B. by public transport.


We are partnered with 




Any questions? Get in touch.

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Pricing & rules.

// game rules

Read the padel game rules here and become an expert. 

// pricing & more info

    1 hour “padelletje speciaal” only €12,- from 12.00-01.00PM


  • PEAK HOURS double courts
    60 minutes €32,- incl. VAT
    90 minutes €48,- incl. VAT
    120 minutes €64,- incl. VAT
  • PEAK HOURS single court
    60 minutes €16,- incl. VAT
    90 minutes €24,- incl. VAT
    120 minutes €32,- incl. VAT.
    Monday until Friday 05.00-10.00PM
    Saturday 10.00AM-10.00PM
    Sunday 10.00AM-10.00PM


  • OFF PEAK HOURS double courts
    60 minutes €20,- incl. VAT
    90 minutes €30,- incl. VAT
    120 minutes €40,- incl. VAT.
  • OFF PEAK HOURS single court
    60 minutes €10,- incl. VAT
    90 minutes €15,- incl. VAT
    120 minutes €20,- incl. VAT.
    Monday until Friday 08.00-05.00PM


  • You can buy 3 balls  for €7,50 incl. VAT per tube.
  • Rackets can be rented  for €2,50 incl. VAT per racket.
  • Keys and rented items (if applicable) must be returned to the reception desk. We charge a fee of (a minimum) of €50,- per item in case items are not returned.


  • Bookings can be done up until 21 days ahead of the reservation date.
  • Please note that we cannot refund your booking: we can reschedule your reservation to another available time slot or update your account with a credit.


// subscriptions via Playtomic

  • 8 HOURS OF PADEL (+- once a week during a month)
    €224,- incl. VAT
    €201,- incl. VAT        10% discount
  • 16 HOURS OF PADEL (+- twice a week during a month)
    €448,- incl. VAT
    €380,- incl. VAT        15% discount


Book your subscriptions now via Playtomic!


More info? Get in touch via padel@b-buildingbusiness.com.

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Padel teachers & buddy’s.

Learn from the masters? Check the availability of our trainers here and book a training!

We have 5 trainers ready to kickstart your padel career. Trainers are available from €15,- per hour.

// looking for a padel buddy?

Get in touch with a group of people by scanning one of the codes below, based on your level:

// Scala sports tournament

how does it work?

  • You are organised into a group with ~4 teams of a similar standard
  • You play 1 match against each team (~1 match every 2 weeks)
  • You determine when matches are played (in consultation with your opponents via the chat in the Scala app)

how do I join?

  • Download the free Scala Sports app (iOS or Android)
  • Go to Leagues
  • Search and join the league:  Amsterdam (€ 5 per team)
  • Add your doubles partner, they need to have the app as well
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  • café restaurant Bureau is located on the 5th floor for a la carte lunch or dinner. We serve drinks and snacks in our lounge on the ground floor (until 02.00PM).
  • showers are available on the 2nd floor (male and female).


// padel webshop

Need some rackets, bags or other gear? We’ve got you covered. Visit our partner PadelCasa for the best items to get your game on.


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Interested in a partnership or sponsorship with B. Amsterdam padel?

Get in touch via padel@b-buildingbusiness.com.