return of the Community Lunch


B. Amsterdam is mostly known for its dynamic community. There are many stories of members working together, introducing friends into the community, and making friendships in the existing B. community. And after a few dividing Covid-years, it’s time to get that train rolling again.🚂

We all know the best connections are made over food and/or drinks, so from the 1st of February we’re introducing a new version of the member lunch: 


The Community lunch is the best place to get to know the B. community ánd have a healthy lunch, all at the same time! Monthly B. talks, a sustainable menu and a combination of the best and brightest from the community make up wat will be the highlight of your day.

Step away from your desk and sit at one of the long tables to start connecting! 🔗

// the concept.

We created a buffet lunch-concept especially for our community.
The lunch will be healthy, delicious, and focused on sustainability. You will find sandwiches, soups and salads. By offering the food in multiple small items, everyone will find something they like, and waste will be minimized. The concept is all-you-should-eat and all waste will be measured and presented after.

Also, every week there will be a Meatless Monday, where we will feast like beasts. Herbivores to be exact. This is in line with the focus on sustainability and will be an ongoing concept. 🧆

Next to having great food, the community-lunch is a perfect opportunity to connect with other B. members. That’s why every month there will be room for B. talks. Here you can pitch, tell stories, or show your unique talents. You’ve got the possibility to present your newest innovation, show off your piano skills or tell an inspiring story to everyone present. More details and invitations will follow!

/ /details.

On the 1st of February* we’ll be having the first community-lunch on the 2ndfloor lounge of the B.1 building. All members are welcome, also if your office is in one of the other buildings. 

Lunches can be ordered for EUR 7,50 in the Area of People-app and should be ordered before 11.00! 

The community-lunch will start at 12.00 and ends at 14.00. When an item is finished, there will be refills, so don’t hurry, there will be food up to 14.00.

The other buildings will soon follow:
– B.3 will start with the community lunch on March 6*
– B.2 will start with the community lunch on May 8*

*When the community lunch is introduced in your building the current member lunch will automatically end on this date.

**Due to the logistics and staffing we start later in the other buildings

// instructions.

You can order your lunch via the AOP app. 📱 Download for Android or iOSand get your personal code from your office manager or via

// introduction gift. 🎁

Every member at B. will receive a discount code which will give you 50% discount on two lunches!

Keep an eye on your mailbox coming month😊