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1. what can we interrupt you for during the day?

At B. Amsterdam we have the great tradition that when it’s someone’s birthday, we stand around this person with the whole team and all of them enthusiastically sing a song to make the birthday job feel as awkardly as possible.

In addition, SuperGitte is now arranging very tasty cake and we’ll all be fat heading into the summer. Fat but happy.

2. your most perfect Friday afternoon drinks? 

From April onwards you can find the entire B. Team on the rooftop at Bar Bistro Bureau every Friday afternoon, sometimes even on a Thursday. We like Wednesdays too, basically when the sun is out we hardly get any work done because it get’s so damn hot in our office we just escape to the rooftop and have our meetings and lunches there. 

3. what do you need help with most often?

More like ”what don’t we need help with?” am I right? But jokes aside, we can always use your help keeping our three different buildings clean and tidy. You can imagine that with our small team of just over 20 people there’s a lot we don’t see. So if you see someone smoking on the new deck, or loitering or some scattered piece of paper in the common lounges we’d appreciate a hand in keeping our spaces welcoming!



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22  as of feb. 23


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B. Amsterdam is unique, one of a kind.

We are connecting the minds that build our future.

We offer what you need to succeed professionally, 

thrive personally and have some fun along the way.

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