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welcome to the B. Community

Hey there! We are excited to have you join our community! We truly believe that you will find some incredible connections and resources here that will help you reach your goals.

To ensure that you start off on the right foot, take a quick moment to check out our community guidelines and all the amazing perks that come with being a member. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


Once again, welcome aboard! 

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what is B.?

familiar faces of B. Amsterdam

B. Amsterdam is unique, one of a kind. We are connecting the minds that build our future.

We offer what you need to succeed professionally, thrive personally and have some fun along the way. 

Eat well, train hard and work your ass off, it’s all possible within our three buildings. And it’s not just you.

The B. community consists of more than 3.000 members with the same mindset. People who fall down and get up. 

People who know life’s ups and downs and like to enjoy every minute of it. So you’ll never be alone. 

B. Amsterdam is a home to everyone, but especially to you. 

Sit down, look around and enjoy te ride. 

Want to know more? Plan a cup of coffee with our team.

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office spaces


office spaces
maaike community manager


the B. member app.

The app is your go-to app for ‘almost’ everything you need at B. Click here to download. You can get your location code via your office manager or send a mail to community@b-amsterdam.com

You can register for the community lunch on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday. 

Claim your spot before 10.30 (B.2 en B.3) and 11:00 (B.1).

We post the menu on each morning in the member app. 

Monday’s are always Meatless.

As a B. Member you have access to certain perks, isn’t that great news!

Free padel during off-peak hours. 

Discount at the B-gym and B. Well, where we box and stretch.

Visit the B.fysio to stay flexible. 

And many more collaborations that benefit your time as a member at B. Amsterdam

Every quarter we host an amazing Community Event.

In addition, other members are also always excited to keep you up to date with their business ideas and best practices. You can join them for interactive Breakfast sessions & Member talks. 

Check out what upcoming events we have plannend for you! 

Wondering how and when to enter the building? 

Check out different timeslots per building. 

Make sure to leave your details in the checklist below, to grand the access.

In need of a meeting unit for +/- 7 people? 

We got your covered! 

Want to book an event space for > 15 people? Contact events@b-amsterdam.com. You get a 20% discount!

Feedback? Talk to us! 

See a mess? We’ll clean that up for you! 

Need a hand? Our handyman is around the corner.

Screenshot van de B. app

the community lunch.

On Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays in each of our buildings we serve the community lunch! It is the best place to get to know the B. community and have a healthy lunch, all at the same time! You will find sandwiches, soups and salads. The concept is all-you-should-eat to keep it environmental friendly. On Thursdays you can enjoy a special Thursday Feast, because the weekend is around the corner ;).

community events

Meet the neighbours
28 03 24
see you next year!
B. Business run
21 06 24
see you next year!
see you soon!
Building Business BBQ
12 09 24
see you next year!
see you soon!
Ugly Sweater X-mas Party
12 12 24
see you next year!
see you in december!

this is your checklist!

Yay! You’re up to date with all of the info above, which makes you a full B. Amsterdam member!

Make sure to leave your details to get your first perk of being a member at B: a 50% discount on your first community lunch. 


How do I join the community lunch?

Make sure to hit the community lunch button in the member app before 10.30h (for B.2 & B.3) and 11.00h (B.1).

Do you want to join the community lunch with your team on invoice? Send an email to community@b-amsterdam.com

How do I play padel for free?

During low hours (08.00 – 16.00) you can play padel for free. You do not have to reserve a court prior to your game. Make sure to register at the frontdesk of B.1 and show your member app. Note: you can only use one court at a time.

I want to display something on your narrowcasting?

If the message/post is interesting and open for our members, we’re always happy to help a hand in promoting your event or service. Send an email to brand@b-amsterdam.com and we’ll get in touch. 

I want to organize an event.

Cool! We have a lot of event spaces available. Make sure to get in touch with our eventsteam via events@b-amsterdam.com. As a member you get 20% discount on the eventspace. 

I want to host a talk for the community. 

We are always excited to connect our members and share knowledge with each other. Get in contact via community@b-amsterdam.com and we will arrange a great member talk. By the community for the community. 

I want to get access to the building.

Access is arranged per building. 

For B.1 & B.2: Download Salto KS application and make sure we have your details (name & email). Send them to community@b-amsterdam.com

B.3: Your office manager has a tag to enter the building. In case you need an extra tag, please send an email to community@b-amsterdam.com 

Where can I find my location code?

Your office manager has the location code for your entire team. If not? Send an email to community@b-amsterdam.com

Where can I dump my paper waste?

B.1 – at each floor there is a container. 

B.2 – on the ground floor you can find a container. 

B.3 – on the ground floor there is a container.

Always make sure to flatten your boxes. If it doesn’t fit you can leave it aside flattened.

Need a handyman to help you out?

Make sure to request a service request via the memberapp. You will get in contact directly with our service team and they will help you out!