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Welcome to the B. Community

Welcome to the B. community! We’re excited to have you as a new member. Are you ready to make some new connections? Before you get started, please complete the following checklist to make sure your team will get the full on-boarding! 

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first things first.

About B. Amsterdam

familiar faces of B. Amsterdam

It’s 2014. In Amsterdam’s Riekerpolder, IBM’s old typewriter factory has stood empty for more than 10 years. The adjacent logistics halls are then still used by PostNL as a sorting center. The building has potential, but it is a lot of square meters in a less attractive location in the city. Then an idea emerged. Inspired by developments and innovation in real estate in America and Berlin, the concept for B. Amsterdam was born. 

Not in the traditional way of renting out meters, but with flexibility, fast (continued) growth and especially building a community as a starting point. Its own ecosystem. From the core values of connection, authenticity, fun and dynamism.

Want to know more? Plan a cup of coffee with our team

co-work & start up
office spaces
office spaces

the B. member app.

The app is your go-to app for ‘almost’ everything you need at B. 

You can register for the community lunch from Monday till Friday. 

Claim your spot before 10.30 (B.2 en B.3) and 11:00 (B.1)

We post the menu every morning in on the app. 

Monday’s are always Meatless.

As a B. Member you have access to certain perks, isn’t that great news.

Free padel in the off-peak hours. 

Discount at ABC.

Free things at XYZ.

Every quarter we host a Community Event.

Check out the designated landing pages for Meet The Neighbours (Q1) or the B. Business Run (Q2).

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the community lunch.

Every day in each of our buildings we offer the community lunch to our members. bla bla blabla bla bladibla. bla bla blabla bla bladibla. bla bla blabla bla bladibla. bla bla blabla bla bladibla. bla bla blabla bla bladibla. bla bla blabla bla bladibla.

community events

Meet the neighbours
30 3 23
see you next year
B. Business run
2 6 23
Building Business BBQ
14 9 23
early bee tickets
to be announced.
Ugly Sweater X-mas Party
14 12 23

// FAQ

I want to join the community lunch?

Make sure to hit the community lunch button in the left top of the screen before 10.30h. We will make sure lunch is served in the chosen timeslot


I want to display something on your narrowcasting?

If it’s interesting and open for our members we’re always happy to help a hand in promoting your event or service. Send a mail to 

brand@b-amsterdam.com and we’ll get in touch.


I have another question

Send us a mail at community@b-amsterdam.com