5 reasons why community is important for start-ups.

The article below was written by Head of Community at B. Nina Verrijt.

At B., I am incredibly proud of our vibrant community. With more than 300 different businesses under one roof, you immediately feel the entrepreneurial spirit and ambition as soon as you step into our buildings. 

But the best part is when our members come together at our community events. The offline networking not only creates new opportunities and collaborations, but most importantly, fun and connection!

Let me give you 5 reasons why a community is important for your startup or business.

//creatieve en innovatieve omgeving

Startups are often about coming up with new ideas, solving challenging problems and developing innovative products or services. Being surrounded by other entrepreneurs also working on exciting projects will boost your creativity and innovative thinking!

//kennisdeling en samenwerking

Our community of startups focuses on knowledge sharing and collaboration. Members share their experiences, best practices, tips and advice with each other. Through this interaction, you can gain valuable insights, discover new perspectives and increase your own knowledge.



A community of startups offers great opportunities to expand your network. You can make valuable contacts, meet potential partners and attract investors. These connections are not only inspiring, but can also stimulate the growth of your own startup.

//verhoogde betrokkenheid en motivatie van je medewerkers

The sense of belonging and togetherness within our community can be a huge motivator for your employees. They will feel more committed to the goals of the organization. They will also be less likely to look for other opportunities.

In short, being part of a community is important for your staff because it can contribute to better engagement, motivation, collaboration, increased creativity and ideas, higher employee retention and a strengthened brand identity.

//plezier op de werkvloer!

In a vibrant community, there is often room for fun in the workplace. Events, pub quizzes, sports and parties together can create a positive and relaxed atmosphere. This not only promotes employee well-being, but can also boost creativity and productivity. An enjoyable work environment ensures that employees come to work with enthusiasm and feel more appreciated.

In short, being part of a community is crucial for your startup or business. At B., we create an environment where your startup can thrive and flourish, where you can grow together and be successful!