B.'s new mission statement in 2023.

connecting the minds that build our future.

We see a society where we meet more and more digitally.

We are looking for connection, but we struggle to connect. 

We want to get together, work together. Have lunch with colleagues.

We wish spontaneous encounters.

Getting ideas that only happen when you are in a space together and feel the same energy.

Events where innovations are shared and new friendships are formed.

Challenging yourself in the gym or celebrating a victory with a team.

Dinner out with friends into the wee hours of the morning.

In short, we crave connection.  

B. Amsterdam stands for connection. Making a real connection. Offering each other support.

B. Amsterdam is a city within a building and always evolving.

We connect the entrepreneurs of today with those of the future.

We provide the right environment for talent to develop.

And every day we welcome new faces to our premises.

Everyone is welcome as long as you are open to connection.

connecting the minds that build our future.