3 ways to know if you've found the right coworking spot.

Finding a good coworking job in Amsterdam is a quest of years for some. 

But once integrated into a good community, or moved on to an office, you will enjoy this incredibly.



We have learned in 9 years of coworking at B. Amsterdam what people appreciate about a good workplace. Check below to see if this helps you in your search.


Here are 3 ways to know if you have a good coworking to deal with.


//je omringt je met verschillende soorten ondernemers.

Several studies have shown that diversity promotes creativity and productivity. But how do you do this when you work for yourself?



During your trial day or tour, take a good look around at the kind of entrepreneur (and more importantly, person) you see around you. Are these people you can easily strike up a conversation with? Are these people I could learn from?



You're looking for a space with like-minded people, but what does this mean to you? Possibly find a coworking space that includes offices. That way you'll not only connect with freelancers, but also with founders and employees of larger companies.



//je zit in een professionele omgeving met structuur.

Coworking can be fun and enjoyable, but it is important that the basics are solid. For example, that professionally secured and personal Wi-Fi environments are in place. Or that the booking system for meeting units works.



If you receive guests with any regularity, it is a good idea to look into a professional or automated front desk. This way, guests will receive a professional reception.



If the organization where you hire is steady, you can focus on your own work.



//je bent onderdeel van een hechte community.

Helping, being helped!



You choose a coworking space for a reason. You want people around you, some time away from home or to proactively connect with others.



Having a community around you ensures that you always have someone to have lunch with (on the days you feel the need), take a walk around or ask questions about WordPress, ChatGPT, HR or legal matters, for example.



A (h)real community is not easy to find, so ask around carefully about what really works.




Coworking spaces offer you a unique opportunity to develop as an entrepreneur and work with other motivated people. A home base for your business that will change the way you work!


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